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Cleaning Matters of Ductile Iron Pipe Orifice

May. 12, 2022

Clean the area around the reserved ductile iron pipe orifice, remove the temporary pipe plug from the ductile iron pipe, and check whether there is any debris in the pipe. Find out the center line of the drain nozzle and draw it on the wall, and then use a level bar to find the vertical line.


Apply putty to the socket of the drain pipe, and lay white plaster under the position, and then insert the drain into the socket of the drain pipe and stabilize it. At the same time, use a level ruler on the top edge to level and align in both vertical and horizontal directions.


Align the water inlet of ductile iron pipe with the wall centerline. At the same time, the two sides shall be bricked and trowelled, and the putty at the contact between the drain outlet and the drain pipe socket shall be compacted and trowelled. Then, temporarily plug the drain.

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