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DCI Pipe
DCI Pipe
DCI Pipe
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Standard: ISO 2531 & BS EN545 (for potable water application) BS EN598 (for sewage application)

Joint Type: Tyton / push-on joint, K type / mechanical joint, self-anchored / restrained joint

Class: K9, Class C, K7

Range: DN80-DN2600

Internal: 1). Portland cement mortar lining

        2). Sulphate Resistant cement mortar lining

        3). High-Aluminum cement mortar lining,

        4). Fusion bonded epoxy

        5). Ceramic epoxy

        6). polyurethane

External: 1). Zinc with finishing layer of bituminous paint

         2). Zinc with finishing layer of liquid epoxy painting

3). Zinc-Aluminum alloy plus liquid epoxy painting

4). Polyurethane

The coating can be accordance with customers’ requirements.

The pipe diameter under 300mm is bundled with steel belts and over 300mm is in bulk.

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