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Pressure Test Steps of Ductile Iron Pipe

Nov. 24, 2022

Pressure test steps of ductile iron pipe:


1. During the hydrostatic test, the pressure of pipes shall be increased step by step. The value of each pressure rise is 0.2 MPa. After each pressure rise, the pressure rise can be continued only after the pressure is stabilized.


2. The pressure test of the connected pipeline shall be conducted under the command of a specially assigned person. The division of labor shall be clear. A specially assigned person shall be responsible for the back, buttress, interface, exhaust valve and other parts, and then carefully inspect them, make clear the regulations, and conduct the pressure test uniformly.


3. When the pressure test of water supply pipe is carried out in winter, the corresponding anti freezing and anti cracking measures shall be taken. At this time, the filling of water supply pipe shall be properly increased, and then the joint shall be tightly wrapped with more protective materials.


4. During the hydrostatic test of ductile iron pipes, no one shall approach the back, support, pipe end, etc. in a short distance, and the inspection can only be carried out after the pipe is stopped.


5. During the flushing test, the insulation shall be achieved temporarily and for a long time, and the water in the pipe shall be emptied in time when the water is not used.

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